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Our spice blends are packed with flavor to please both home cooks and professional chefs.

Whether you are a professional chef or someone who appreciates creating wonderful dishes for your family, spice blends can work magic on even the simplest recipe. At Avonya’s Blends, we believe that for the result to be truly magical, you deserve to know what’s in your spice blends and that they don’t rely heavily on salt. Most mass-produced blends are little more than flavored salts and the label can be downright scary and completely vague. They might not even list all the ingredients. MSG, fillers, and artificial ingredients are commonly used.

Spice Blends in North Carolina

We are located in North Carolina, so we know a thing or two about family traditions in the kitchen. Our owner grew up with wonderful role models and became a serious foodie herself because of it. She shows her love for her family by dedicating our spice blends to them, including Annie’s Season-All in honor of her grandmother, Annie Mae, and Sentry’s Seafood Seasoning in honor of her father, James “Sentry” Dixon. You can bet that when you name your spice blends after beloved family members, that nothing but good stuff is going in those bottles! In fact, each bottle is hand-bottled with love.

Here’s another tip about our spice blends. Besides having a larger bottle on your counter in the kitchen, consider a small 2-ounce bottle to carry around with you to add a bit of flavor to restaurant meals instead of adding salt. The smaller size is also a great option for dorm rooms. Tell us how you use your spice blends once you get them!


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