Sentry’s Seafood Seasoning, North Carolina

Take your shrimp, fish, crab, and other seafood dishes over the top with our Sentry’s Seafood Seasoning.

Have you been struggling to find the right seasoning blend for seafood? Most seafood seasoning blends out there are far too salty to use on something that comes out of the ocean already a bit on the salty side. Even for freshwater fish, you may be hoping to reduce the amount of salt. When you do find a salt-free seasoning, it has ingredients on the label that you might not recognize or that don’t tell you exactly what they mean. So, what can you do? There is a solution – Sentry’s Seafood Seasoning!

Sentry’s Seafood Seasoning in North Carolina

At Avonya’s Blends based in North Carolina, we believe you should know what you are eating and feeding to your family. That is why we developed Sentry’s Seafood Seasoning. Instead of salt being the first ingredient, it is the very last ingredient, and we use a high-quality sea salt. We believe the 11 other herbs and spices in our blend are robust enough on their own to flavor your seafood dishes and crab boils without the need for a ton of salt. By leaving out fillers and artificial ingredients, our seasoning blend is vegan and gluten-free.

Sentry’s Seafood Seasoning was created in honor of our owner’s father, James “Sentry” Dixon. He passed his love for cooking and seafood down to his daughter. He was a southern boy, commercial fisherman, and all-around great person! It only seemed right to honor this wonderful man with a seasoning for the seafood he loved so much. You might not have gotten the pleasure of knowing him, but you can start your own tradition of delicious seafood dishes with a bit of help from our Sentry’s Seafood Seasoning. Grab a bottle or two today!