Annie’s Season-All, North Carolina

Annie’s Season-All is dedicated to Annie Mae, the grandmother of our owner.

There are many benefits to having an all-purpose seasoning in your North Carolina kitchen. Whether you like the idea of having something on hand that you can use for just about every dish you make, prefer not to have a cupboard full of seasonings to keep up with, or you don’t have the space for numerous individual spices and herbs, you are going to love Annie’s Season-All! At Avonya’s Blends, we came up with the idea for our seasoning blends because we love food and wanted to have seasoning options that weren’t full of artificial ingredients. We also wanted a healthy option that didn’t have salt as the main ingredient.

Annie’s Season-All in North Carolina

Our Annie’s Season-All is crafted using 11 high-quality herbs and spices and hand-bottled with love so it can be your “secret weapon” in the kitchen. While there is sea salt in our all-purpose seasoning, it is far from being the main ingredient. You’ll find it way down on the list of ingredients because we believe there is far more flavor in the other ingredients we use.

Annie’s Season-All is dedicated to Annie Mae, the grandmother of our owner, who used season-all in just about every dish she made. Annie’s recipes can now have an impact on your family, just as they will on her family for generations to come.

If you are looking for a vegan, gluten-free all-purpose seasoning that your family will love and you can feel good about including in your poultry, meat, gravy, soups, vegetables, and other dishes, we are confident that Annie’s Season-All fits the bill. Order a bottle today and see for yourself!