4 Ways to Use Chicken Seasoning Blends

It sure is nice to have a secret weapon in the kitchen. If you have a favorite seasoning blend you use, you know what we mean. Seasoning blends can elevate the flavor of any dish you prepare, as well as enhance prepared meals. All-purpose seasoning blends can be grabbed for just about anything, including chicken. You’ll find plenty of chicken seasoning blends out there. You can choose a seasoning blend specifically for chicken if you choose, but generally speaking, you will also get a great result with an all-purpose seasoning. Here are some ways you can use an all-purpose option or chicken seasoning blend, if you prefer:

  1. Baked chicken- Bake a cut-up chicken, whole chicken, or a few of your favorite pieces in an oven-proof roaster. Put a dusting of your seasoning blend on each piece and bake at 350° until cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 165°F.

Baked Chicken - Avonya's Blends

  1. Fried chicken- Fry your chicken the way you normally do, adding chicken seasoning blend to your flour mixture.
  2. Chicken salad- A great way to use up leftover chicken! Kick it up a notch by adding a seasoning blend.
  3. Chicken wings- If you are baking your chicken wings, you can sprinkle the seasoning on top before baking or add it to a coating mixture. If you fry the chicken wings, you can sprinkle the seasoning on after they come out of the fryer or add it to a coating mixture.


These are just a few of the ways you can elevate chicken. At Avonya’s Blends, our all-purpose seasoning, Annie’s Season-All, is perfect for just about anything. It makes a great replacement for mass-produced chicken seasoning blends because it is all-natural with no artificial ingredients.