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Wait until you taste the love we put into our seasoning blends!

Emily DixonOur founder and owner, Emily Dixon, is a foodie in every sense. Growing up around her grandmother, Annie Mae, who kicked up every dish with seasonings and her father, a commercial fisherman who really knew his way around seafood dishes, she had a keen appreciation for what a difference the right seasoning blends could make. When she thought that the seasonings offered in the stores would be similar to what her family used, she quickly found out she couldn’t tolerate the artificial ingredients, fillers, and MSG in them. Determined to come up with a solution and then share it with others, she set out to create delicious and healthy seasoning blends and Avonya’s Blends was born.

Emily is a model, actress, and now entrepreneur in North Carolina who has specially formulated each of our seasoning blends and hand bottles them with love. She has a passion and love for cooking good food and wants to help others achieve the dishes they wanted to create. Each of our seasoning blends is made with high-quality herbs and spices, with every ingredient shown on the label. With a dependence on herbs and spices, instead of salt, the result is nothing short of amazing.

In addition to putting health first, we also felt that cooks and chefs would appreciate having blends that work for a multitude of dishes. It is always nice to have one or two on your counter that you can grab quickly, rather than dozens of bottles in a cupboard that often end up forgotten until they have gone stale. Whether you are looking for something simple to keep in your dorm room to give your ramen noodles an extra punch or you are a professional chef looking to simplify things in the kitchen, you’ll be glad you gave our seasoning blends a try!